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Nathan E Matlock is the Managing Director for the Regis University Center for the Study of War Experience. His goal, as is that of the organization, is to help Regis students and the general public find understanding of "what normal people do in war, and what war and the conditions of wartime do to them."  He wants his students and others in the community to know, to the extent possible, what it means when the nation commits to violence as a way of finding solutions to political problems.  While not a pacifist, Nathan feels strongly that a cavalier attitude to the realities of armed conflict has made the resort to violence in the modern era easier than it should be.


Nathan and the Center's work is accomplished through the continuous collection and archiving of war narratives in the form of oral history interviews. These interviews are conducted both at Regis and in the homes of interviewees. Once collected, cataloged, and archived, the oral histories are made available to students, internal and external researchers, and the community at large.


As part of his work as a historian at the Center for the Study of War Experience, Nathan teaches the popular course, "Stories from Wartime" which brings students, veterans, and the broader community together to engage with the narratives  of those who have borne witness to the realities of war. The course is cross-listed in History, Peace and Justice Studies, a core requirement in the category of "meaning", and as an option for credit to nursing students.


Nathan is also an affiliate faculty member in the Regis College Department of History and Politics and the Regis College Department of Peace and Justice Studies. He teaches courses on the theme of justice, the history of the Cold War, the theory and practice of oral history, contemporary American politics, western civilization, and modern American history.


Nathan E Matlock lives in Golden, CO 80403

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